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Saturday Evening


30 Year Reunion

Friday Evening Pictures


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Lisa Summers Sharp & Janice James Ahuna

Brad Aylor & Ann Thompson Bullock

Jill Ferrin Birdsall, Tracy Nuttall Hansen & Pam Henrie Schaefer

Ken Plaizier & Laura Jo Parker McKamey

Sydra Clark, Hal Peck, Crilla Jeppsen Gorringe, Jeff Cude, Mike Brown & Russ Fullmer

Sydra Clark, Hal Peck, Crilla Jeppsen Gorringe, Jeff Cude, Mike Brown & Russ Fullmer

Crilla Jeppsen Gorringe & Kent Schluehuber

Roxey Holbrook & Wendy Johnson Newman

Diane Hart & Scott Harbertson

Guy Morrell & Janice James Ahuna

Guy Morrell & Janice James Ahuna

Guy Morrell & Janice James Ahuna

Dean Twitchell

James Shupe & his fiancée

Glenn Sidwell & Robin Sidwell (Glenn's wife)

Joyce Goldsberry Hunsaker & Collette Twitchell, Dean Twitchell's wife

Wendy LeCheminant Weisenburger & Elise Lund Allred

Ron Wendel and his wife Nora

Cindi Jo McDonald, Diane Hart & Terri Williams

Front: Lisa White & Peggy Spratt Roher

Kerry Moore (r) & his wife, Stacey

Cynthia Frasier & Roxey Holbrook

Kayla Allen MacKay's husband, Kayla Allen MacKay, Karen Adamson, Jay Adamson's wife (partial hidden) & Jay Adamson

Ned Siegfried, Lisa White & Roxey Holbrook

Scott Harbertson & Jerry Gwynn

Scott Harbertson & Jerry Gwynn being themselves

Julie Griggs Feigleson & Scott Harbertson

Jay & Karen Adamson (Jay's wife)

Wendy Blaisdell Egbert & Joey Grainger

Madaleen "Maddie" Eggett Pekarcik & her husband Pat Pekarcik

Wendy LeCheminant Weisenburger & Mark Bradford

Cynthia Frasier Plumb & Ron Wendel

Neil Jones & Suzann Millward Jones

David Bay

Kyle Platts & his wife

Alan Phister, MaryJo McMillan Parker & Allen Westergard

Arleen Eggett Harper, Diane Hart, ? & Kayla Foster

Darryl Furse, Lynn Holgreen & Steven Ouzts

Hal Peck

Kelly Exon (Johnny's wife) & Johnny Exon

Randy Nye

Wendy Johnson Newman, Wendy Blaisdell Egbert & Steve Newman (Wendy Johnson's husband)

Scott Earl & Duane Schilowsky

? Jill Ferrin Birdsall & ?

Pamela Henrie Schaefer (back in green) & Ann Thompson Bullock (in black)

Pamela Henrie Schaefer, Ann Thompson Bullock & Marilyn Greene Kehl

Rick Valdez & Jeff Brummett

Howard Heath & Gordon Terry

Lady in pink?, Kathy Reid Smoot & Tracy Nielsen

Guy Morrell, Janet Moon (partially hidden), Ann Sorensen Plaizier, Dick Maughan & Mary Sharp

Laura Kleinman Samuelson & Kevin Samuelson

Rex Carr & his wife, Colleen?

Dale Walker & Mark Bradford

Neil Jones & Suzann Millward Jones

Mr. Michael Murphy

Mr. Michael Murphy & Mrs. Murphy

Scott Earl, ?, Rick Valdez & Glenn Sidwell

Glenn Sidwell, Rick Valdez, Scott Earl & ?

Jeff Cude

Shane Trujillo, Ned Siegfried, Wendy LeCheminant Weisenburger & Rick Ried

Kayla Allen MacKay

Wendy Blaisdell Egbert & Robyn Pearce Gross

Hal Peck, someone's back & Randy Nye

Brad Fletcher & Mark Best

Ren Gale

Joey Grainger

Joyce Goldsberry Hunsaker

Roxey Holbrook & Wendy Johnson Newman

Gordon Terry

Lori Carter Anderson & Dean Twitchell

Gary Stark & Sandy Stark (Gary's wife)

Mike Brown, Wendy Blaisdell Egbert, Elise Lund Allred,Shane Trujillo, Janet Moore, Kathy Barlow, James Shupe's fiancée, Ron Wendel (in back) & James Shupe

Russell Fullmer, Duane Schilowsky, ? & ? check out a Mustang

Duane Schilowsky, ?, Russell Fullmer & Scott Earl check out a Mustang

?, Duane Schilowsky & Rick Valdez (his back)

? & ?

The cake



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